The Waiting is the Hardest Part

Let's count up the stressors in mine and J's collective lives, shall we? 1. He has no job, and is starting to go stir crazy. I come home everyday to a man who wants to see me, but is utterly guilty that he isn't pulling his fair share of the weight around here. It's heartbreaking, and I want to talk about me...not how miserable he now is. Funny, it's becoming like the radio station. 2. I won't hear for another week about the interview, and we're convinced that I didn't get an interview with the board up north. My guess is it's because I didn't mention the possibility of relocation. I've been blah and meh for the last couple of days. It's very disappointing. The supply pool is now open for the board, and I need to put in my cover letter that I'm willing to relocate. But it's supply work, and we need full time for one of us; with real money. 3. I have a migraine. But happily, J has gone to Bible Study with the pan of brownies that I made for him this afternoon. I can sit in front of the TV and not move. That's a good plan.

Boys and Their Hoses

No, it's not *that* kind of a post...but I thought it made for a great title. Things here on the mountain continue at breakneck speed. I'm half finished my principal's certification course, and it is a master at the art of time suckage. Or I haven't learned how to effectively manage my time. I'm going with option A. Option B makes me sound deficient. J and I are both looking for work. Well, more me than J. He's waiting on the job that was unofficially offered in March. That would move us 3 hours north of where we are now. Not that that's a bad's snowier, but it's on the water. So, I've applied for the principal's pool up there, and we wait. I had another interview with the local board here this past Monday for the vice principal pool, and I'm feeling pretty positive. I found out Friday from my principal in my performance review that they called for a reference, so I'm pumped about that. We won't know the outcome until the 28th of April. Bleh. I hate waiting. And we're waiting for a potential interview with the northern board. I know they're the 28th (how ironic), so I should hear in the next couple of days if I got one or not. Here's hoping. I succumbed to the call of the Matrix, and it's so much fun. We put the back seats down this weekend for more hauling space. I'm learning to embrace second gear. It's the one thing I'm not enjoying: I miss my old car's standard because I was so used to it. Second is a bitch in the new car. But it will come. The car is dark blue. J's looking for big magnetic maize block Ms for Saturdays in the fall. But, because J is home during the day, and there's the possibility that we'll be moving, there are many capital improvement projects underway on the mountain. 1. J and I went to Home Despot and bought the world's most amazing broom. We live with many, many pine trees, and they all shed. All freaking year. And I have never done a lot about them. But, we think that potential buyers might be interested in what the driveway looks like. So we bought an "Industrial Street Sweeping" broom. It rocks my sock drawer. We got all the needles, top soil, and pine cones up. We should have taken before and after pictures. It was amazing. 2. My friend Steve came and helped us change out both the faucets in the house (kitchen and bath), seeing as they were both leaking. Now, my bathroom faucet is brushed nickel like the towel bars and toilet paper holder. I keep going in and making sure they're clean, just because. I'm such a loser. 3. The pipes have been changed out for pex from coroding galvanized. It's amazing. We have hot water and water pressure. Not surprisingly, the leaking in #2 became much worse after the change. Changing the faucets took on a new priority. We also got a new showerhead. There is now an actual shower as opposed to the spray that went in all directions like before. We have such hard water here. 4. With all my pretty brushed nickel in the bathroom, I felt a need for new cabinet pulls. The old ones were gold...and the rest of the metal was so not. They are now brushed nickel too. 5. With the decision to buy new pulls, we decided to get new pulls for the kitchen that didn't have paint on them and that matched. J put the new ones on yesterday morning while I was at my pedicure. It was amazing. 6. This all started with my decision to put in the under cabinet lighting that I had lusted after for the past 5 years. Those lights should have been at the top of my priority list on capital improvements. I use them all the time. 7. Remember my backyard glamour project of last summer? Where we had the patio ripped out? Yeah, the topsoil and grass seed finally showed up this week. J and I went to Canadian Tire and bought a hose. I have never felt a need to own one. Any flowers I've had in the front I water with a watering can, and I've always let the grass die in the summer. J has taken on the grass as a personal project. Which is fine. I don't want to get up and water. But he does. He's looking up tips on getting it to sprout, and when the best time to water is, and how long it should take, etc. We've had to buy hose accessories already. The hose is, in no uncertain terms, his new favourite toy. We were out sweeping this afternoon, and he kept suggesting that we spray down the driveway, or the car "because it's getting dusty from the sweeping". At this rate, we may even build the shelves and put away the wedding gifts that cover the dining room table. It's not because my mother is coming on Friday for the weekend. I swear it isn't.