Please excuse the bile. Anyone still wondering why I don't post much?

I am supposed to be doing many things right now. None of them are actually getting done. 1. I am supposed to be writing report cards. Who ever thought that the VP should teach half time was a drunk and should be beaten with a stick. Seriously. I don't have time for this. There is more than enough work in my job without including 160 report cards to write, and half the school's to read in a week. Bloody hell. 2. Every time I figure out the rules at work they change. While sometimes this is hilarious, most of the time it is not. I battle the ghost of my predecessor (who was/is/will be a total ass, from all accounts) on a daily basis with parents, staff and my principal. One day she's telling me that he was weak by ordering a supply teacher for himself when she was away, and the next day she's telling me it was good thinking on my part of get a supply teacher when I was in crisis #4 by 10:30 on a day she was gone. She tells me to give my extra supply time equally across divisions, and then tells me I'm giving it out wrong. This has now happened 3 times. 3. Because I see my kids so rarely (I'm gone a lot, and apparantly it's a good idea to get a supply when I'm the only administrator), I'm thinking the marks may be a bit invented this term. Then I get to read my drivel when I read half the schools cards before they go home. 4. Immigration is annoying. We got a letter in October from them saying that J has been approved in principal, but his physical has expired. Go get a new one. Now I'm not saying anything, but when it takes 6 bleeding months to open an application, how big a money grab is this when the physical costs about $250? Not that I'm bitter. Immigration discovered that we overpayed, and sent us a cheque for $50. Despite the fact that it was on my credit card, they sent the cheque to J, who endorsed it back to me. So really the physical only cost $200. 5. I am once again having pregnancy dreams. While I can guarantee that I'm not pregnant at the moment, apparantly my subconscious has decided that I should be (as opposed to my pregnancy dreams in the spring where I was). Cause that would be a great decision right now. What with the out of work, no work permit non landed immigrant husband. And a lack of space. And probably a few other things I'm not thinking of at the moment. While it may not sound like it, I'm happy right now. I just wish I had more to give J. He's once again been told that he's been second in the running for a job (and a good one) and he's unhappy. I love my own job, despite the long hours. You couldn't do it if you didn't love it. I'm not here because I value my free time that I do have with J. And once I get rolling, apparantly I'm angry. Who knew?