New Years and All that Planning

Okay.  It's been a while.  5 months a while.  Like many things in my life, I look with longing at people who blog regularly and realize that it's just not me.  I am a busy girl who spends her spare time on Facebook, churning my numbers for the rather addictive game Mousehunt.  It's a small life that I live.

Let's recap what's happened in the past 5 months, shall we?
I started at a new school.  I have 450 new names to learn.  There are moments when this is going well, and then there's most of the time.  I like the school, but I miss where I was.  It was comfortable.  I keep realizing how little of a people person that I am. 
To go with the new school was a new role and another course.  I never want to take another AQ.  Especially with people who just graduated.  They anger me.  Greatly.  My greatest joy in the course was baiting other students.  'Nuff said.
U of M football season happened.  The defense sucked.  The kicking game sucked.  The offensive line was explosive and exciting.  The triple OT win was awesome.  Man, the Big 10 was bad yesterday.
I went to the doctor, and my blood pressure is out of control.  My best guess is stress from work.  I'm pretty sure things are pretty good right now, but I've been off 2 weeks.  I'm going back in February for more blood work and to see what's next.  Thankfully, they've decided I'm "borderline", so no meds yet.  But we'll see.
I got a Blackberry Torch.  I can barely make it run.  But it's fun to try.

I've been thinking about the Summer 15 and how far I got.  I realize some of this is ongoing, but I'm thinking I'm going to turn it into the 2011 15.  There is some overlap, and some changes.  Here we go:

  1. Hang the garden hose mount on the side of the house and break down the large cardboard box it came in that is currently on my living room floor and has been there since April with the cordless drill that has been charging since late May.  Grrr....this one stays.  The bos ix still in my living room, but the tools are put away.  I'm going to have to impose on a friend in the Spring.
  2. Work on scrapbooking my wedding. It's been 3 years, people.  Now that I'm done my course, I may actually have time for this.  I am no further than I was in August, except I have printed pictures.
  3. Decide what to do about the laundry sink and the current plumbing problems that it has (we cannot turn the hot water tap, there are no shutoffs, the tub itself isn't particularly sturdy).
  4. Repaint the side door off the garage.
  5. Replace the light fixture on the patio.
  6. Research how much that front window is going to cost to replace, and then decide if it should be done before the energy reassessment is done on the house.  Oh - and get them to quote on shutters and a new storm door.
  7. Learn to operate the sewing machine from my mother in law, or get rid of it.
  8. Deal with the boxes on the living room floor.  There are 5 boxes left, and they're filled with total crap.  I am very much enamoured with Freecycle at the moment.
  9. Buy a great carpet for the living roomAnd great curtains.  After I have the picture window replaced.
  10. Practice the guitar.  Ongoing.  I'm working on Moonlight Mile by the Rolling Stones right now.
  11. Freecycle more.  We have so much stuff that needs to go.  J got a Magic Bullet for Christmas...we should get rid of our blender.  I have so many gift bags from my wedding showers still.  They need to go to a home where they will be used.  I think I have our old Christmas tree storage box to get rid of too.
  12. Cook at home 5 days a week, and try some of the recipes that seem to be stacking up everywhere. I should not spend time on  Ongoing.  I've been horrible this fall.  Between learning a new school, my course, laziness and lack of ambition, we've been going out more than staying in.  I'm hoping to change this in the new year.  We went to the grocery store today to encourage eating at home.
  13. Research and plan for getting a dog.  This is one that J and I have been rolling around with for a couple of months.  We're thinking summer.
  14. Go swimming, or do something. I have been looking at the Summer Activity guide and have come to the conclusion that I should be doing something. Swimming has always appealed, and it's not that much.  Sigh.  I haven't been.  And I need to go.  I'm not sure if it would be a stress release, but I need to do something.
  15. Read. I would love to actually try the Twilight series and know what my intermediates might be reading. I also have a large quantity of professional reading that I need to complete for my job.  I read the last book of the 39 Clues.  It was great, and I'm waiting for the next series.  I'm hoping to try the Hunger Games books this month.  I read nothing but Spec Ed publications for my course this fall.  It was boring.
So there's the new/old list.  Hopefully, I'll be back sooner rather than later with more of these done or at least in the works.