You Read Me, Your Really Read Me!

So it took me a forever to open this week's mail.  In the flurry that has been purchasing a house,celebrating Easter with my parents, fighting with a fax machine, and driving to see J, I kept tossing the mail on the dining room table figuring I'd get to it at some point.
This morning, in a desperate bid to clean up slightly before the house buyers came over for an inspection, I decided to deal with the pile of bills and junk mail that was littering the table. Imagine my surprise at what I found.
When I was whining commenting during March Break about everything I missed, I mentioned missing getting letters. While this is extremely true, I didn't expect anything to come of my late night ramblings. I found a letter in the stack of mail today that was addressed to me, and sent simply because "It's always nice to get a letter."
Apparently a good friend of mine from elementary school found my blog while poking around on my Facebook page. She read that entry and sent me a card. It totally made my morning.
I love getting mail.