So currently I'm sitting in J's hotel room, waiting for him to finish work before we go to visit my parents for a night. Welcome to my Saturday: I've been watching Property Ladder and Sell This House after going for breakfast with Hallie at 8 this morning. Now it's How It's Made. They're going to show bagels and vinyl records, which should be pretty cool.
I spent this week at work in the office full time. Not totally by choice, seeing as our LRT was sick, and so her supply was covering my classes. I am very sure that I'm not ready to deal with crazy parents and students on a full time basis right yet. One mother came in to yell at me about what she perceived to be a breach of privacy (it wasn't, not really...yeah I probably shouldn't get into it) and then pulled her kids from the school to send elsewhere. I had another mother phone me about how her son was being bullied...and upon investigation I discovered the reason he was punched in the stomach because he was pulling on the other kid's coat hood, choking him.
While I really enjoy my new role, there are moments what I've really gotten myself into voluntarily. I also have 200 report cards to write, and all I've put in are the grades. Guess what I'm avoiding as fast as possible?

My life, and welcome to it

There are so many thoughts running round in my head.
J and I dropped the price on the house on Monday.  While I know that this needed to be done, and we're up against a deadline where we will be having to find him somewhere to live and pay for it, I'm finding it hard to swallow.  There is no explaining how draining the whole "We need to sell our house and move" has been.  I think it might be different if J was still here more than 2 nights a week, but I'm not sure.  The keeping things clean and tidy is wearing, and the needing to leave at a moment's notice is too.  We've mentally detached ourselves from this place, J more than me, and I want to fill it with boxes that I'm packing to move on and be a couple again.  With J away, I eat poorly and go to bed late.  I don't sleep as well but I'm not willing to make the drive from the north more than I have to if I don't have to.  Besides, it's started snowing/melting/icing again here, and someone needs to keep on top of things.
The bright side in all of this is that the conditional offer we have has been extended once (although we're up against a deadline again) and the current owners still haven't put the place back on the market.  I'm pretty sure this is because their real estate agent has told them that they won't get as much out of another offer as they're getting out of ours.  I got on today to poke around, and both of the other houses that we made offers on have come down.  One has painted through for the most part as well.  There are no longer the scary green walls and red beadboard that graced the place when we put in the offer.  J commented that maybe we should walk away from our current offer, but I don't think so.  The new house feels right.  We just need a sale here.
In immigration news, we go for hopefully our last set of interviews tomorrow morning.  Theoretically, they're a rubber stamp to the whole proceeding and J will be receiving his landed immigrant card.  This is wildly exciting seeing as we started into the procedure almost 2 years ago.  My mother asked what we thought it had cost us so far, and my guess is somewhere between $2500 and $3000.  We have 3 years before he makes a decision about citizenship.  I'm not thinking about what that would cost us.  The other thing that makes this exciting is we'll no longer need to worry about work permits, expiry dates, and so on.  We're not sure what they'll ask tomorrow but we're sure we will be able to answer it.  
In work news, I'm holding on for March Break.  While I'm hoping to be painting rooms in a new house, I'm not sure that will be happening.  As of Friday everything will be extended.  But if all I end up doing is living in J's hotel room and sleeping, so be it.  It will be a nice change of pace.
Finally, I think I'm playing too much Mousehunt on Facebook.  While it is not popping up in general conversation with the public yet, my husband keeps getting an earful about where I think I should go next and why, the pros and cons of new traps, and my frustration at trying to find the Lycan mouse...or the radioactive blue cheese potions.
I think I need to get out more.

Okay, so I'm Early...

But I lurrrved this layout. And at the rate I post, It will be good for a while.
While cruising through some of my regular blog reading, I noticed this in a corner...and I started to look...and I really liked the daisies, which is odd for me.  I'm more of a tulip gal (and I have the best story...I really need time).  
But be that as it may, I am happy to say that I managed to jazz things up a little.  And I like it.  Which is good.
I so wish my house would sell.  It is the all consuming right now.