So currently I'm sitting in J's hotel room, waiting for him to finish work before we go to visit my parents for a night. Welcome to my Saturday: I've been watching Property Ladder and Sell This House after going for breakfast with Hallie at 8 this morning. Now it's How It's Made. They're going to show bagels and vinyl records, which should be pretty cool.
I spent this week at work in the office full time. Not totally by choice, seeing as our LRT was sick, and so her supply was covering my classes. I am very sure that I'm not ready to deal with crazy parents and students on a full time basis right yet. One mother came in to yell at me about what she perceived to be a breach of privacy (it wasn't, not really...yeah I probably shouldn't get into it) and then pulled her kids from the school to send elsewhere. I had another mother phone me about how her son was being bullied...and upon investigation I discovered the reason he was punched in the stomach because he was pulling on the other kid's coat hood, choking him.
While I really enjoy my new role, there are moments what I've really gotten myself into voluntarily. I also have 200 report cards to write, and all I've put in are the grades. Guess what I'm avoiding as fast as possible?

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