Let's See How We're Getting On...

So, it's August.  Let's see where we are with the Summer 15.  I'm not thinking it's all that great.

  1. Hang the garden hose mount on the side of the house and break down the large cardboard box it came in that is currently on my living room floor and has been there since April with the cordless drill that has been charging since late May.  This has not been going so well.  We were hoping for Saturday after discovering my drill isn't powerful enough to support the size drill bit I need.  It's 18V and everything.  Very Sad.
  2. Work on scrapbooking my wedding. It's been 3 years, people.  I am now officially done the showers.  I'm up to the rehearsal.  I ran out of pictures when I went to scrapbook last Friday.  While I haven't been to print more yet, I'm getting there.  Now I'm afraid I'm going to run out of my gold speckle pages that I don't think you can still get.  Argh.  But I still have another pack, so we'll see.
  3. Purchase and install a new low-flow toilet in the powder room on the main floor. It's all about government rebates!  All  that's left is mailing my application!  This was an adventure, and I'm thrilled that Dale came to help with the craziness, because I'd still be curled up in a ball crying if I'd had to do this myself.  It was a 6 hour project.  I KNOW!
  4. Repaint the side door off the garage.
  5. Replace the light fixture on the patio.
  6. Repaint the front door some spectacular shade that J will question the wisdom of, and then learn to grudgingly agree with.  It's YELLOW!!!  I LOVE it!!!  I'm now looking for a U of M wreath, seeing as I wouldn't paint the blue block M J wanted on the front door.
  7. Call the siding guy and see how much 2 more pairs of shutters would cost, including installation. I don't want to paint them, and I would like them all to match.  I'm now wondering how much work it would be to rip them off, and how it would look.  I'm afraid that J is going to come home some non-humid afternoon, and they'll just be 90% gone because I don't have a ladder to deal with the top part around the living room window.
  8. Deal with the boxes on the living room floor.  There are 5 boxes left, and they're filled with total crap.  I am very much enamoured with Freecycle at the moment.
  9. Buy a great carpet for the living room.  Does finding great curtains in the Sears catalogue count?
  10. Practice the guitar.  Ongoing.  I'm working on Lola by the Kinks right now.
  11. Investigate the cost of a new air conditioner for the house, and see if we should really do the furnace simultaneously. I'm hoping not. The A/C won't get done if we need both.   Not happening.  The finances won't allow it, and the current A/C is still hanging in.
  12. Cook at home 5 days a week, and try some of the recipes that seem to be stacking up everywhere. I should not spend time on allrecipes.com.  Coming along.  We're probably averaging 4 nights a week, and I cook a lot.  Not always what we need, but it's fun.  We've been going to the market and I buy too much on an ongoing basis, which means we have people in more which I really like.  And I'm here, so I make desserts.  I'm making peanut butter chocolate krispie treats this afternoon.  You know you want to visit me.
  13. Deal with the probably very nasty upstairs bathroom drain. The previous owners were apparantly very hairy, as evidenced by our shower drain when I cleaned it out. I'm not sure J and I have helped the situation. But the sink is running slow again and I've been avoiding. We should go into the fall with things under control.  I can't half cross this out.  I'm not done, but water drains.  My mom and I plunged some of the snot out of it last week.
  14. Go swimming, or do something. I have been looking at the Summer Activity guide and have come to the conclusion that I should be doing something. Swimming has always appealed, and it's not that much.  Sigh.  I haven't been.
  15. Read. I would love to actually try the Twilight series and know what my intermediates might be reading. I also have a large quantity of professional reading that I need to complete for my job.  I do not believe that I will complete any fiction book this summer.  I got my name on the list at the library for Book 10 of the 39 Clues series.  I've finished Promoting Positive Behaviours:  An Elementary Principal's Guide to Structuring the Learning Environment, and am working on Instructional Rounds for Improving School and Student Performance.  It's as boring as it sounds.  Next up, Leading with Teacher Emotions in Mind and the new Ontario Ministry Growing Success document.  For Fun, I look at books of soft furnishings for the house.  

4 of these are ongoing projects.  1 hasn't been thought of, except with longing, 3 are partially done, 3 are done 4 haven't been touched, and 1 has been considered but not acted upon.  Time is getting short.  I'm not sure I'm going to finish.  Sigh.