One Month Down...

So summer has been happening.  You'd think from the lack of time that I spend here I would be out in the real world, but sadly that is not the case.  Summer has been lovely, though. 

We spent a few days at the beginning of July visiting J's dad, and going to Cleveland for a couple of ballgames.  We also visited the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, which I highly recommend.  We weren't sure what to expect, especially with taking my parents, but the 4 of us had a good time.  J's equally a iffy in museums:  he can't read the captions on things and get bored quick.  He found lots to do too.  A great afternoon for the lot of us.

I didn't put together a Summer 15.  I'm soldiering on with the 15 for 2011.  There may be a little editing as we go.  Let's see, shall we?

  1. Hang the garden hose mount on the side of the house and break down the large cardboard box it came in that is currently on my living room floor and has been there since April with the cordless drill that has been charging since late May.  I'm not sure this one will ever happen.  The box moved to my family room floor when I hosted a wedding shower in the living room in June.  I have a friend who's promised to help, but our schedules haven't meshed.  Le sigh.
  2. Work on scrapbooking my wedding. It's been 3 years, people.  I've picked up a new project, and this has fallen off the radar.  More on the project when I'm ready.  It's not going as fast as I'd like.
  3. Decide what to do about the laundry sink and the current plumbing problems that it has (we cannot turn the hot water tap, there are no shutoffs, the tub itself isn't particularly sturdy)Hooray!  There are shut off valves and new taps, thanks to a faulty trap.  The plumber came, and an hour later we had a working laundry sink!  I get to replace this one!!!
  4. Repaint the side door off the garage, as well as the front door shutters, and the trim around the new window as well as the wood trim and spindles at the front door and the top of the stairsI have the paint!  We bought it yesterday!  I'm not going to get it done before the small group BBQ, but it will happen!!!
  5. Replace the light fixture on the patio.
  6. Research how much that front window is going to cost to replace, and then decide if it should be done before the energy reassessment is done on the house.  Oh - and get them to quote on shutters and a new storm doorThe front window has been replaced.  And the storm door.  I've decided to repaint the shutters.  I'm hoping to go nowhere for Victoria Day, and paint then.  The shutters and the garage door.  And the front door.  I've decided that it needs another coat of paint.
  7. Learn to operate the sewing machine from my mother in law, or get rid of it.  I've researched buying the manual online.  Has anyone ever done this?  The machine is about 55 years old, but it's a Kenmore - and was top of the line in its day.  I want it for curtains and cushions and so on.
  8. Deal with the boxes on the living room floor.  For the wedding shower, I compacted everything yet again and we're down to a neat little line along the wall.  I would really like this done before I go back to work.
  9. Buy a great carpet for the living roomAnd great curtains.  Must. Deal.  With.  Boxes.
  10. Practice the guitar.  Ongoing.  We've been on a U2 kick recently, with One and Sunday Bloody Sunday.  I heart guitar. 
  11. Freecycle more. Candles, gift bags, etc, etc.  I also have an Ikea floating shelf to dispose of on Kijiji. 
  12. Cook at home 5 days a week, and try some of the recipes that seem to be stacking up everywhere. I should not spend time on  The crazy pictures on Facebook continue.  I sat down at the dining room table at the beginning of the summer, and made a big list of things to make.  I'm getting through the list.  We're having fun with our BBQ, have started having people in more regularly, and are eating at home most of the time.  Going out is so easy...and so expensive!
  13. Research and plan for getting a dog.  This is one that J and I have been rolling around with for a couple of months.  We're thinking summer.  This is currently on hold.
  14. Go swimming, or do something. I have been looking at the Summer Activity guide and have come to the conclusion that I should be doing something. Swimming has always appealed, and it's not that much.  I've started lap swimming at the municipal pools in town!  I love the outdoor one!!  I'd like to start some sort of accountability around this too.  Yoga is on hold until the fall...everything is in summer mode.  But both the Doctor and the Osteo are happy about the swimming.
  15. Read. I've been reading more.  We did a series at church about our relationship with technology, and I've been working my way through the reading list.  It's be fascinating to read about the online personality, and what is happening to our brains.  Right now, I'm in the middle of The Help.  It's so good!
It's coming, isn't it?  I need to post more regularly, and clean my house, but I look at the list and the number of ongoing projects, and I think that things are doable.  They have to be.  Or the list will never roll over, and that would be so wrong.