Things I Have Learned in the Last 2 Months Since Posting

1. I am too busy for words. 2. You can live with 2.5 feet less of your colon. J is proof of this. Yes, the surgery was successful. 3. I like it when my husband is working and not home all the time. Yay tomorrow when he goes back to work. 4. Wii is freaking fun. We played over Christmas at my sister in law's. My mother in law kept bowling strikes. Go figure. 5. AQ courses are meant for people fresh out of teacher's college. I can hardly wait until it's finished - despite the fact that I'm actually starting another course hot on the heels of the first one. 6. While I like my job, I want to do something different. If only I were qualified. 7. While I love having a cleaning lady, firing ours was one of the best decisions we made over the holidays. 8. I am less squeamish than I thought I was - I was the dressing changer for J's incision when he came home from the hospital with 32 staples still in him. They'd removed half before he left. 9. I am not interested in the drinking habits of others, especially if I am taking a $1000 course (see #5) 10. I've missed posting. I'm just hoping that I can come up with the time to do more of this.


kapgar said...

Wii is freaking fun. I wholeheartedly agree with you!

Did J lose anything else with those 2.5 feet of colon? Seems like that's a lotta human to not accidentally have something else mixed in there.

Welcome back! I was wondering about you!

Sarah said...

Thanks :) I've been lurking, just not posting.

He lost a host of infected divirticuli with the colon. Surprisingly, there's enough in there that he doesn't even notice...although his pants are looser. That may just be the fact that he doesn't eat as much.