Wow (or as they say backwards, WOW)

It's been busy here on Walton Mountain. One course ended, one course started, no more evil drives to Toronto on Tuesdays. Disturbingly, this did not mean an end to winter (which I was convinced would be the case). We are under yet another snow warning. I shouldn't be shocked. It's been such a long winter already, why would I think that it would be over? Just because I'm on March Break? Surely I jest. Frankly, there have been a lot of things that I just haven't been ready to blog about for one reason or another. One will be very public knowledge tomorrow, so I'm sure I'll be sharing that soon. It seriously affects my little world. I'm starting to job hunt as well - not that I don't like where I am, I just want a little more. My principal's course moves me in that direction: I'm filling out applications and writing leadership responses to things right now. They always say to look for a job when you don't need one. That's what I'm doing. But I totally freaked out my principal when I told him that I needed a Performance Appraisal done. Okay, that was fun too. Somehow, for the second year in a row, I'm not going away for March Break. Last year, I was planning a wedding. Seeing as that sucked up any and all extra cash, I went to Niagara for 2 nights. This year, we're just not going anywhere. I have a list as long as my arm for things that I want to accomplish, and most of those things involved decrapifying the house. I may clean off the dining room table once and for all!!! Then I'll need to invite people in for dinner to celebrate. Anyone interested in a possible dinner?

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Lindsay Wilson said...

I'm stealing the term "decrapify" it makes me happy.