The End of the Story (Or so we hope...)

So where did I leave off? I meant to come back to this rather quickly, and failed miserably. Sigh. Look what vacation does to me. Sloth. So the painter came, and cut holes in the ceiling and wall, looking for mold. Remember how I said that the attic was well ventilated? Apparantly, it is. The ceiling and wall were both dry by the time he got in there, and the insulation was fine. We're pretty sure the leak is fixed. At least, we went with it is. Here is the new room in Benjamin Moore's colour Baby Fern:
Look! No gaping wallpaper! Smooth ceiling! Nicely painted woodwork! What more could a girl ask for, except some money out of the roofers to pay for it all.
Here's the hall that was also painted at the same time in Benjamin Moore's Yellow Raincoat:
I'm so happy that this is all over with (as far as I'm aware). I told a friend on the phone on the weekend that if I come back from vacation to anthing the slightest bit disturbed in the office (unless someone wants to come over and load everything in the guest room back into the office), I'm going to take a sleeping bag and camp out in the roofer's office until they can say with certainty that the roof is fixed. J has promised to come with me. I'm sure our making out when we realize there's not much else to do during our impromptu sit in will get the wheels moving.
In a crazy aside, J called this week to lodge our complaint about the lack of metal going up over the caulking. Apparantly, the guy who has been put in charge of our problem fell over the long weekend and broke his ribs. He's not working, and they don't want to send someone else. I have a feeling that I'm going to be sleeping on an office floor before the summer is over.


Michele said...

ohhhhhh I like baby fern!

suze said...

Gorgeous. I love the colours!