A Stiff Upper Lip

I am slowly going mad.

While I realize that the house has only been on the market for a month, I desperately wish it would sell. I am sick of living in a pristine environment with a husband who is living in a hotel 45 minutes away. I'm sick with a sore throat I can't seem to get rid of, and a bad attitude. Perhaps the end of winter might help.

I went to the Toyota dealership today that will be near our new house. It was an enlightening and uplifting experience. Seriously. It showed me what Toyota service can be like! I am a complete Toyota devotee, from my 5-speed Corolla that I traded in for my 5-speed Matrix. And while I loved my car with a bit of a creepy devotion, I am not nearly as enamored with the service center in my local dealership. To make up for the fact that they're not open on Saturdays, they're open late on Thursdays. Which is as completely inconvenient as not being open Saturdays.

I phoned the dealership here (I have some free oil changes from buying a new car last year), and was told that I didn't need a Saturday appointment, and they were open until 4:30 on Saturdays. I arrived, and my car went right into the bay. They gave me a coupon for a free coffee and cookie at the cafe located in the dealership to enjoy while I waited. They even washed my car before bringing it back. I have found a dealership worthy of creepy Toyota devotion.

This week at school was career day, which was a rousing success. I also was the administrator on site when one of our students broke not one, but both wrists at the end of basketball practice along with her right arm further up. I have learned to navigate the world of Ontario Labour Law and School Policy. While I know that this is all stuff I need to learn, it's not really lessons that I want to learn.

I keep thinking that I want to learn more about jazzing up my blog. If I was around, it would make even more sense. To this end, I'm looking for a new background. Any suggestions on where I should look?

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