Domestic Dreams

In exciting news, it appears that the house may sell...and as usual, it will all happen super fast and chaotically. Apparantly our conditional buyers had multiple offers on their house yesterday. They accepted one of them, and if they'll sign off on conditions around here, we'll be on our way northward. Very exciting, that. Despite our attempt at decluttering, I'm still scared of trying to pack and move. I'm not very good at packing. I get so easily distracted.
We're also not going to have the month I was hoping for to make this happen. It looks like we may have about 10 days overlap. That's not time to do the painting and carpet cleaning that we want, so we'll have to prioritize and live with things that aren't worth living with. It's either that or I quit my full time job. I'm pretty sure that isn't in the cards.
But it's good news. And we all need good news. Not bad for a sunny Saturday.


suze said...

Huzzah!!! Congrats on the sale of the house =)

Very happy for you.

Lindsay said...

That's great, after all of that waiting, the chaos of moving beings.

Lauren said...

Cheers to selling the house! Jeers to having to pack in a hurry. Let me know when you're safely ensconced in our fair city and I'll bring you over some cookies to eat while unpacking.