Sitting at the Feet of Consumerism

So the problem with being on vacation and not in my own house while my husband works is that I have time on my hands. Tons of time. And frankly, when I have time and nothing to do but surf the web and practice the guitar and read, I spend a lot of time online. So I think it's best that I get out of the hotel room. That means I shop.
I went to Costco this morning to ascertain whether or not we need a membership. I had never really been in a Costco before, seeing as I've never really lived where there is one. And while there are ever so many things that are shrink-wrapped that I don't need, I decided that the membership would be worthwhile for us.
I wander through stores a lot wondering who buys everything that's on the shelves. I mean, I look at a good portion of food in the grocery store and think, "Who eats this? I have never bought this in all the years that I have been grocery shopping! Why would anyone eat that?" I think that a lot in clothing stores too, but it's mostly because I can't fit into the clothes that I don't like.
Then again, I am on the prowl for a new purse. The one I've been carrying for the last 2 years is breaking at the handle. I'm pretty sure it's worth repairing (and redying...I'd like to try for cherry red), but I need a new bag in the meantime. Where should I shop for a purse? Something large, sensible, and unique. Not that that's hard or anything.

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Leanne said...

Solution to the purse problem.
Choose a magnetic cover to a purse, choose a changeable handle, and change with outfits and moods.
For a bit of a price but cool none-the-less!