Much Ado about 2012

So I felt that the new list deserved its own post.  I've decided to not cut and paste last year's list in to "help" me's a fresh start.  Despite the fact that I just read last year's list and made my comments.  Without further ado, here's 2012's To Do:

  1. Do the upgrades that I have purchased for the house.  I have the paint for the side door and front shutters, the paint for the trim on the living room window and spindles, and the paint for the front door.  I need to use it.  As well, I have a new light for the patio.  I need to get it up in the spring.
  2. Move.  I spent part of the summer lap swimming, and loved it.  I want to start swimming at the municipal pool again.  I've bought a new, smaller pair of jeans.  I would love to shrink out of them.  I've stopped drinking pop, but it will take more than that and I know it.
  3. Cook at home more - like, 5 nights per week consistently.  I started taking pictures and posting them to Facebook last year.  My new project is a blog of what I make.  I'm hoping I update there more than I update here.  Sigh.
  4.  Repaint the upstairs bathroom.  I haven't told J this yet, but I want to repaint the bathroom.  We currently have a double towel bar that is pulling out of the wall.  He wants it replaced, and I agree.  I need to decide what I want to put up instead, and then do it.  I am much enamoured of stripes right now.  In greens, blues, and chocolate browns.  Then all the towels I have will still work.  If we don't go away for March Break, perhaps then.
  5. Complete the 1000 Gifts in 2012.  Have you ever read Ann Voskamp?  I can never decide how I feel about her...hers is a style of writing that I do not enjoy.  But I've taken up the challenge of 1000 gifts to bring joy this year.  My calendar is printed, and I've started.
  6. Use the library.  J is in the market for an ereader.  I can't decide if that's something I really want.  But I do have a library card that I don't use enough.  I think about purchasing cookbooks, and then I think, "Why don't I get this from the library?"  I think of a movie that I want to see that's been out for a while, and I realize that I could borrow it from the library.  I want my card to smoke in 2012.  Or, at least obey the laws of thermodynamics and warm a cup of tea.
  7.  Organize.  Erg.  I'm moving into larger categories and away from specifics.  Organize means deal with the boxes on the floor of the living room.  Deal with the black hole that is my office.  Keep working on picking up what needs to be picked up.  But the boxes are the priority.  It's slowly getting there.
  8. Entertain more.  This may be the only thing on the list that involves J directly.  J and I both want to see our friends more, and to spend time with them.  We'd like them at our house.  We've talked about having people in once a month.  That helps with my organization thing too.
  9. Get a handle on our finances, and our legal stuff.  J and I have been making some strides towards this recently, some of which I'll share later.  The big thing is we have no will.  If I die, J loses the house seeing as the title is in my name and the estate would sell it.  This is something that just makes sense.
  10. Apply for a new position at work.  The hiring pool will be opening soon.  I would like to move up, even though it scares me to death.  If not, I think I need to spend some time with a career counsellor talking about what I want to be when I grow up.
So there it is.  Only 10 this year, but I feel they're ambitious.  Doable, but ambitious.  Here's to the year ahead!!

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Lauren said...

I don't particularly love Ann Voskamp's writing either, but I do enjoy the idea of the 1,000 Gifts. I'm participating in a kind of free form way, using the iPhone app (rather than going with her list, which seems a bit odd and challenging).

Good luck with your goals!