Random Thoughts

My intent, at least for the summer, is to write everyday. I am already remiss in doing this. It's not even really a case that I'm all that busy. I just don't sit down and think about blogging. Meh. Here's the current observations and craziness: Weddings are expensive, even when over. I phoned the dry cleaners on Monday to ask how much it would cost to have my dress cleaned. It's not even all that dirty. With no dance, I wore the thing for about 9 hours. Probably the most likely times for it to get dirty were my getting in and out of my BFF's van and during dinner. I managed to stay clean during dinner. The dry cleaner told me at least $300. I didn't tell them about the coat that goes with it. Argh. So the dress is still lying across our guestroom bed until I can figure out what to do with it. I'm not sentimental enough to keep it forever, but there's a part of me anti-selling the silly thing. I want to be able to gift it to some plus sized girl who desperately needs a dress. We'll see. I may sell it just to get the dry cleaning fees out of it. I still have no pictures of the day. My mother has been passing an album around, but I still have 4 digital images that I haven't printed for the simple reason that our photographer took the exact sames shots. Apparantly the CD is in the mail. I so hope it comes soon. People are starting to look at me funny when I say I have nothing to show for the day yet. I mean, it's been almost 2 weeks!! How could I not? J's new dresser comes today, so I actually managed to clean out the blanket box so I could move it yesterday. I'm getting rid of all the twin bed sized linens in the house. We replaced that bed, so why not? I don't have space to store all those sheets and blankets too. Despite what you might think that that would mean towards moving things out of the dining room, it hasn't happened. Absolutely nothing moved yesterday. i would like to say that I am extremely proud of that, but my parents are now coming for dinner Saturday night, and we need the dining room table so we all have somewhere to sit and eat. Guess what my project is for today and tomorrow? Hopefully J will find something to do. I'm not sure I want his help. It might make me crazy. Speaking of making me crazy, J's mom phoned yesterday and asked for a list of everything we received as a wedding and shower gift. Um, why? There is no such list. I (or another of my choosing) dutifully wrote on the back of the card or a discarded envelope who gave me what. I am also a little confused as to why J's mom seems to feel that she needs said list. J's coment? "Oh, there's probably someone who wants to give us something, and she wants to make sure it's not a duplicate." I don't know. I find it more nefarious than that, but what's she going to do with a list of gifts? Perhaps my distrust comes from her follow up question, "Did you get much money?" Or maybe it's my own cynical nature. Bleh. Other than that, the weekend is upon us. J's schedule of Friday and Saturday off will work well for the summer. With me off all the time, it really doesn't matter. We're going to see the Simpsons movie this weekend (more things to quote!), and clean out the dining room. That may be enough.

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