Sarah Has Swapped Spit with Her Husband

I'm hoping I wasn't like this when I was single. So this morning, J went to Horton's to pick up breakfast for himself. With his current meds, he needs to eat regularly to take the pills. Seeing as we ran out of milk yesterday and totally forgot about it until last night when neither of us were dressed to leave the house, he walked over to the hospital to pick something up. I was up when he got back, and he realized that he hadn't asked me what I wanted - so he took my order and walked back to Horoton's to get me a decaf double double and a muffin (All together now: "Awwwww...") That's my boy: he's sweet. So I changed my Facebook status to "Sarah is thinking she has a great husband." Cause he is. And I got Horton's without having to leave the house. So one of my single friends from university sent me a message this afternoon on Facebook asking me if I could stop bragging about my husband and rubbing it in the face of my still unmarried friends. Um...I'm sorry? Seeing as the last few status statements have been things like "Sarah is exhausted", or "Sarah is looking for someone to buy her Brooks & Dunn tickets", I don't think I've been bragging. Meh - I don't think I want to change what I think, or how I say it. I'm not even sure I'm looking for validation. I just hope she was kidding without emoticons.

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