What I Learned While Away on Training

1. Hotel valets are short. All of them on the morning shift, anyways. 2. Scary Spice has disturbingly large boobs, and disconcertingly, they don't really move. 3. I want to look as good as Jane Seymour when I'm 56. 4. Sleep masks are your friend. 5. Being able to sign things to your room and realize that someone else is paying is relaxing. 6. There is something to be said for not living in the GTA: less construction, less people, less traffic...but no good Greek food! 7. Having the whole bed to yourself is sometimes nice. 8. Not having to share a bathroom counter is awesome. 9. When you're running late, the breakfast buffet will run out of yogourt and those hot cinamon buns you've become addicted to. 10 I missed my husband more than I thought I would. There was some fantabulous geometry too, but that's for work.

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