Pillow, Meet My Face; Face, Meet My Pillow

I am so tired. How did I get so busy? So I was at training last week. A whole lot of geometrical fun, if you ask me. Good times they were. Beyond just the hotel room, and the expense account, and the fact that I didn't have any responsibility after the workshop ended each night. But that really seems to be the beginning of the demise of sleep in my life. I was away Monday to Wednesday, back at school Thursday and Friday, and then as soon as things were done on Friday, J and I left for the 6 hour drive to Cleveland. There are times that I wish my husband could also drive a car. This was one of those times. It's just a long way. Cleveland was great. We went to see Genesis Saturday night at the Q. J really enjoyed it. I knew a few songs. Yep, my husband's old. But I love him. And he'd so wanted to go, and the rest of the trip was fun. So Sunday, we got up and I drove the 6 hours back home. Monday, a regular workday. I ended up driving myself to meetings about an hour away because my counterpart couldn't get a supply teacher and hence couldn't go. The meeting went long, and I ended up getting back into town just in time for my weekly practice supervision before picking up J when he finished. Tuesday, my class started. I leave work early to drive the hour and a half into Toronto for a four hour class on math pedagogy. It goes until March. I got home at 11. So tonight I'm here, and tomorrow I need to bake; because Friday we leave for a weekend in Detroit and Ann Arbor with a football game on Saturday and the closest thing we're having to a Thanksgiving Dinner with my BFF and her husband Saturday night. Then Monday's the holiday, Tuesday's my class, Wednesday I'm planning for the Workshops from the training I was at, and Friday we leave for Detroit for another fotball game. I know you all want my life. It's very glamorous.

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