On Being Off Work and Healthy on a Tuesday

The exciting news is, J was released from hospital today. He's now home, and is currently cursing the things that he's dropping in the shower. It's nice to have him back, even though I now need to pick up after myself and go to bed on time. It's all worth it to have my sweetie back. My parents stopped by and had lunch with us today. They're off to England and France for 5 weeks with my uncle and his wife. The joys of being retired. But it was nice to actually be able to see them and talk to them before they go. The original plan was that we'd see them after the U of M game Saturday night, so this wasn't bad. My mother even managed to look past the large basket of unfolded underwear that is currently gracing our living room floor. I hope they have a good trip - and that they send me lots of postcards. I went to the grocery store this afternoon. J was going to take a nap, and we were running out of staples, so I went and spent a pile of money on everything that we'd run out of. I have come to the conclusion that I need to grocery shop on a weekday more often. Especially if I can shop while I'm at work. There was no one in front of me at the butcher counter. And I didn't have to take a number at the deli counter. There was one woman in front of me paying at the cash register. This work thing - it keeps getting in the way of the rest of my life. But the best part of today was coming home from shopping, going upstairs, and crawling up on the bed with J. He held me tight and told me he'd missed me. I tell J all the time that I belong in his bed; but he belongs in mine too.

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suze said...

I'm glad J's home!