First of all, thanks to everyone I've heard from! We're both getting there. The good news is, J is feeling better because he's getting whiny. I was ready to leave before I made it out the door tonight. He was in the midst of a list of all the things I should do for him before I get back no later than 12:30 tomorrow. Yep, he's on the mend. So, the short version of the past few days is this: he was admitted on Monday, and got a hospital bed (as opposed to an ER holding room space) Tuesday morning. He's on the paediatric floor, which just makes me giggle. J, not so much. Tuesday, his stomach was horribly distended - nothing was coming up or going down, gas wise. It was sitting and bloating. I walked in Wednesday to J in bed with a tube in his nose, and this dark, dark brown stuff collecting in a basin from the tube. He'd been throwing up, and now was being pumped out, nonstop. But less distended. We heard from the surgeon Wednesday night. They think that the antibiotic cocktail of before wasn't quite right, and so the bacteria continued on. His small intestine had also shut down, and the doctor figured he was there for another week. Today, he's much better: sitting up more, talking (or whining) more, and dreaming about cold drinks. It's been funny to watch him suck on ice chips, swallow, and then watch the tube bubble the water back out his nose. So the latest is that he should be out Tuesday or Wednesday, probably, barring no further complications. I'm looking forward to getting a little of my life back, and having a husband to keep me warm in bed again; once the heat wave passes.

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