I Had Such Good Intentions

Intentions are funny, aren't they? I don't know many who go about talking about their bad intentions, either. I went to bed last night with good ones. I was going to be productive today. Unfortunately, the best laid plans and all that. Good intentions didn't get me very far when I had no interest in completing the work. I've been finding that often this fall I'll stand in the middle of a room, think of the 10 things that need to be done, and be paralysed to complete any of them. I stand there, just looking, going, "I should really do something" and yet nothing seems to happen. It's a scary feeling. I feel really out of control. I'm not sure when or if it's going to go away. So, Happy Thanksgiving to those north of the 49. It's a day to eat turkey and lie about in a coma. Unless you live here. J doesn't like turkey. So we're having a roast. Yum. I've actually started cooking again - which is highly exciting news because we were back in the unenviable cycle of going out to eat. The last straw was about a week ago when I picked J up from work and his first question to me was, "Where are we going for dinner?" and I'd actually prepared dinner at home. So, I'm cooking again. Yay. And it's a nice meal too - I just took a cake out of the oven, and the roast is ready to go in. I'll do asparagus and the salad in a bit. The biscuits are ready to bake when the roast comes out, and the wine is chilling. It will be a nice meal. And what goes with a nice meal (if you live in the 1950s or are my mother)? You eat in the dining room. See, here's where the intentions come in. I intended to clean off the dining room table of all the remaining wedding gifts and get them put away so that we could eat on the good dishes in the dining room. Here is a picture of the dining room before the wedding, with just the shower gifts: That's *before* the wedding. Things actually got worse. But we can walk around the table now, and we do. I can, however, see a lot of things in this picture that are still on top of the table. And now I'm blogging. I'd say we're eating in the kitchen because I've been procrastinating again. Ah well. It will still be nice. I think I'll fold laundry and find that text book I was looking for. That's productive. And I'm going to do the dishes soon. There's no way I want to do them after dinner.

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