Me, the Ice Queen

So, J asked me Thursday night if we were going to turn on the furnace. "No!" I responded, "Why would we want to do that??" Yep, it's October, and I'm being cheap...or out to win my yearly bet with the gas company. It is well ingrained into me by a couple of wicked cheap parents that you don't turn the heat on in the fall until there is an icicle hanging from the end of your nose, or it's November 1. I told J it was a ploy on my part to snuggle closer to him at night. Suddenly, turning on the furnace didn't seem as important to him. I do have the gas fire on in the living room right now, along with the fan. It makes the room most comfy, and a totally fun place to hang out. I'm a little concerned about going upstairs though. The upstairs does not benefit from the heat of the fireplace. I love my house, but it's not well insulated. Slippers and sweaters and a blanket over your knees for evening TV watching is the order of the day in this house. What a difference a week makes! Last week, I sat in Michigan Stadium hoping my honey wouldn't touch me or ask for a swig out of one of the 3 water bottles I finished before the end of the game. This week, I forgot my wool socks and wished that I had a pair of gloves. Yesterday was perfect football weather: kinda sunny, a little breezy, and on the cool side. Thinking of last year and the Ball State game (November 4...after which J asked me to marry him), I realize that the colder weather is coming, and I may need a pair of battery operated hunting socks. J and I have tickets for one more game with Michigan this year: Ohio State. Now, I realize that there will be 110,000 plus in the stadium with me, and so I will be shoehorned into my seat cushion and sharing a blanket with J, but I am still very afraid that I will freeze. I have been planning my attire for months, but I am still not sure that I will be warm enough. Any suggestions?

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