I really don't know what to post about. There are so many possibilities.

  1. We got J mended just in time for the house to start falling apart. We have a leak, a spreading stain in the back bedroom, peeling wallpaper, and a crack in the wall. We are also expecting the plumber around 8 Monday to change out a length of galvanized pipe in the basement. J is also supposed to be getting the name of a painter who will be coming to fix the back room and paint the hall/stairs. I'm gonna be poor soon.
  2. I'm still shopping for car insurance, although I have chosen the winner. I am not fond of the hard sell, and I got one yesterday. Insurance people need to be agressive. I do understand that. I just don't make snap decisions, especially when other people start telling me how to spend my money.
  3. I had the drive from hell Tuesday night coming home from my class. It took me almost 3 hours. I have never been as scared behind the wheel as I was then. Black ice is evil, closed roads are annoying, and freezing windshield washer fluid when you really need it is curse inducing. There are only 6 classes left. I can hardly wait to be done.
  4. My slippers are dying. I was trying to figure out the other night how J was managing to leave a wake of little white plastic things on the carpet in the living room. Then I kicked my slippers off and realized it was me: the soles are disintegrating. I can't find anything as fun as my white beaded butterfly slippers. Especially not when I bought them at a Beall's outlet in Florida on March Break for $4. It's making me very sad.
  5. In a true sad way, I seem to have a lot of friends at the moment that are going through rocky things: job loss, illness, marriage breakup and the like. I'm starting to wonder how you stay strong through it all. Currently, I'm not sure I'd notice if anything like that happened to me: all I do is work.
  6. Speaking of work, I love winter when the blind kids go out to swing on a bitingly cold day with their hat pulled down to their collar. They just look like they're off to look for a horse so they can go scare Ichabod Crane. Always makes me laugh.
  7. Finally, I'm not looking for a job, but I'm looking around. That kind of brings me down too. I love what I do, but I'm tired. The kids are great, I enjoy my classes with the exception of Advanced Study Hall, but I keep thinking that there has to be more out there. The problem is, if someone offered me carte blanche the chance to do anything in education next year, I'm not sure what I'd do. So we wait.

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