A Quick Announcement

For some of you, this will be TMI. But I need to tell someone. In the short time that I have been married, Aunt Flo has joined us for the wedding, J's birthday, my birthday (yay for being born approximately 4 weeks apart) and New Year's. If she shows up just as we're leaving for the romantic weekend we just booked over the Family day weekend at Niagara Falls; there will be a great wailing, crying, and gnashing of teeth. I'm sure J will be sorry as well. That is all. Return to your weekend.


Leanne said...

This pain in the %#$#$ was happening to me also, so I joined this free website
www.cyclespage.com and found out that I had a 33 day cycle. Ahhh, after a few months of recording I could now plan vacation and life. Litterally.

Hopefully your upcoming romantic get-away will not include Aunt Flo!

kapgar said...

Timing is a bitch, ain't it?

Lindsay Wilson said...

Dude. That sucks. That's all I'm saying.