Where I Slowly Turn Into a Lunatic

You'd think I'd learn. You'd wonder how J managed to ever find to actually meet me and date me and propose and all that good stuff. Why is it that I seem to be happier when my life is careening out of control and I've over committed and taken on too many projects? So Friday I did a training session with JR. It went well. At the end, we were talking about the upcoming week, and the following Friday's training session (for which I went to facilitator training on Monday), and she asked me if I was going to the webcast Thursday morning. The numeracy webcast email had crossed my desk a couple of weeks ago with the note, "Please attend if you can." Well, it was during a teaching day, I was already going to be out once that week, so I decided I couldn't attend. Apparantly, that was the wrong answer. So Friday afternoon at 3:30, I started making phone calls to see if I could still register for a webconference that was happening in less than a week, I hadn't done the tech training for, and that registration had closed on 10 days previously. I managed to get in. Looking at the slides and handouts I printed today, it should even be really good. But it was one more thing. After getting that straightened away, I moved on to my project for the course I want in March. I can apply for the course, but I'm not eligible until someone signs off on my project. The project that is an elephant in the corner of my life because it's huge and needs to happen and I don't want to think about it. Yeah...I was told (to the best of my recollection) that I could start the course without being 100% totally finished. I was apparantly misinformed. I now need to churn out an article study that is to last 8 weeks with handouts, guiding questions and whatnot between now and February 14. Not to mention the research component. Or the reflective journals. I have titles and jotted notes, but no real reflections that show I'm learning and growing. Stupid educational system. My new goal is to have the thing well in hand (read: ready to be shown to JR, needing only edits) by Family Day weekend. I have a fortnight. My math course, thank goodness is winding down. I went last night. It was a great class: half the people were at a technology session. We could have real discussion. The instructor was handing back the papers we wrote before Christmas. Well, except for mine. She can't get it to print. All I really want is the mark. But she won't mark it until I give her a hard copy in 2 weeks time. They're both total snores. I'm much happier with the projects for this side of the holiday: a short inquiry study (which I rocked, if I do say so myself) and a summative 3 part lesson. They're due next Tuesday. I have no idea what to do for my summative. I would love to write a reflection on what I've learned. That would be way more valuable. Or to continue with what I'm doing right now with algebra tiles (you know you want to look them up. Try here: http://nlvm.usu.edu/en/nav/frames_asid_189_g_4_t_2.html?open=activities&from=category_g_4_t_2.html ) My kids love them. They're doing such great stuff right now. But back to the point, I need to be done by Tuesday. Guess what I'm going to try and do tomorrow afternoon? Crank both out so I can go back to this evil project. Now, thankfully, J doesn't seem neglected. We're happy, but he's in crisis mode himself, and sometimes I question whether or not I get to be the one who whines. Perhaps that's what the blog is for.

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