Shiny Happy People

J and I are trying desperately to get organized this week. I was ruthless with my magazines last night and recycled a good number. The piles on the hearth now number 2 instead of 6. It's kind of exciting. When I get in the mood, it's easy to toss and marvel at all the space I'm creating. That's what I'm actually supposed to be doing in the office right now: organizing and tossing. So far, I've filed my taxes and started the registration procedure for J to be on Direct Deposit and file his taxes. I realize that CCRA makes it complicated for a reason, but it's a pain in my backside. I wish I'd known all the hoops earlier so I could have started earlier. Happily, we're both getting money back. Even more happliy, it will be a nice payment towards a new car. I love my car. The world needs more Corolla drivers, as far as I'm concerned. In 10 years, I've put a new set of front brakes on it, and a set of tires. Other than regular oil changes and fluid replacements, the car hasn't given me a lick of trouble. But it's 10 years old. I spent a year driving from here to Toledo to visit J 2 weekends a month. It's getting up there. Less than 200 000 kms, but still. I want something new. So does J. The air conditioning's shot; and despite the fact that we survived last summer's highway driving with the back windows down, we didn't develop a taste for it. Enter my going to the dealership in August for an oil change and overall check up. They had pretty shiny cars in the air conditioned showroom (have I ever mentioned that our house isn't air conditioned either?), so I struck up a conversation with the salesguy about my next car, whenever that would be. By the time I left with my freshly oiled machine, I wanted a Matrix. For the space, and for the fact that it was pretty and shiny and new. J and I have now been back twice to look at my pretty shiny car in the showroom. In fact, Timmy's is giving them away on Roll Up the Rim this year, and I have declared that I will win one despite my down in coffee consumption from them or anyone else. Today, I'm going for a test drive of the 2009 5-speed. I'm so excited about getting my tax refund. I'm getting something pretty and shiny and new.

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