Tying Up Some Loose Ends

So I never posted the correct answers to the still unguessed movies in my last post. Let me just start by saying (on a movie theme) that J and I watched Slapshot last night, and I just didn't find it funny. I know I made him sit through the Princess Bride with me a couple of Saturdays ago, but still. I think it's a guy movie. Here are the answers to those missed: "You've got a mighty strong grip for a girl" is Meet Me in St. Louis, a movie I adore despite the incredible cheese that it is. I have a soft spot for Judy Garland movies anyway, and this is a fantastic one. Especially the red dress at the end. "May I admire you again today?" is Pretty in Pink, which I have to admit I'm shocked no one guessed. I wanted to be Molly Ringwald for a time. I still watch this whenever it's on. "Ahh, a bear in his natural habitat - a Studebaker" is The Muppet Movie. I still love puppets. Hallie and I went to IKEA on March Break, and they had finger puppets. I wanted to get them, just so I could whip them out when J's least expecting it (like, say, at church!) and annoy him. Sadly, the octopus finger puppet that I so admired stayed at the store. I also think that there are times that I ascribe to the Miss Piggy philosophy, "Never eat more than you can lift." I want to post about our Easter in Toledo, and then you will all understand how true this is. "So was my husband. I'm still glad they came up with vibrators" is kinda obscure, I have to admit. It's Men With Brooms, a fun little Canadian number. If you get curling as a sport, I highly reccommend this one. "Shakalaka baby!" Yeah, this one's Canadian too. It's Bollywood/Hollywood, another little Canadian film that makes me very happy. Total chick flick. I'm not planning to make J watch it any time soon. He's not big on foreign films to begin with, and this has all the Bollywood elements right down to the transvestite. The grandmother alone makes this movie worth it. "How did I raise such a snob? It's a mystery, mother...let's ask the servants." There's no reason any sane person should watch this movie other than me...it's really not that good. The movie is Mrs. Winterbourne starring the one and only Ricki Lake. The movie is loosely based on a much better French novel and movie called, J'ai Marriee un Ombre, or "I married a shadow". Much, much better. It's as crazily meldoramatic in French as it is slapstick with Brendan Fraser in English. Yeah. But it makes me want to tango.

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Michele said...

I enjoyed this game I think I must review my own top 15 movies. I recall enjoying Mrs Winterbourne as well. I have always had a healthy respect for your taste in movies ever since you directed me towards Sliding Doors.