The Waiting is the Hardest Part

Let's count up the stressors in mine and J's collective lives, shall we? 1. He has no job, and is starting to go stir crazy. I come home everyday to a man who wants to see me, but is utterly guilty that he isn't pulling his fair share of the weight around here. It's heartbreaking, and I want to talk about me...not how miserable he now is. Funny, it's becoming like the radio station. 2. I won't hear for another week about the interview, and we're convinced that I didn't get an interview with the board up north. My guess is it's because I didn't mention the possibility of relocation. I've been blah and meh for the last couple of days. It's very disappointing. The supply pool is now open for the board, and I need to put in my cover letter that I'm willing to relocate. But it's supply work, and we need full time for one of us; with real money. 3. I have a migraine. But happily, J has gone to Bible Study with the pan of brownies that I made for him this afternoon. I can sit in front of the TV and not move. That's a good plan.

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