It's a Marshmallow World

I have now been teaching for 10.5 years.  Working for a residential facility, the kids live at school.  There are no snow days.  They're there, so you should be there.  The first and only quasi snow day I know of was last year, when there was a Professional Activity day, and so there were no students.  It wasn't that the school was closed; we just didn't have to be there.
Today is my first official snow day ever as an educator, and not just a consumer of the system.  It's blowing pretty good right now, and I'm glad to still be in my pajamas at 10:20 on a Friday.  I'm not looking forward to the shoveling later, but J will help.  I think he's as excited as I am that we've found this day.  There isn't a whole lot that we have to do other than be here.  
In preparation, we went to the grocery store on Wednesday, and don't need to leave the house at all today.  Apparently, our car is on vacation too.  
I'm hoping to get a good portion of our baking/sweets done today for the holiday.  We're going to J's family's on Christmas day, and I need to take a dessert.  I don't mind helping, but we're leaving here on the 23rd for our present to each other and staying in a hotel.  It doesn't make the whole dessert thing as simple as it could be.  So I'm making cookies and truffles, and that will be good enough.
If I don't make it back here, a wonderful holiday to you all.  J and I have enough to do that we're going to come back on the 29th.  It's going to be a funny New Year's.  The first I've ever spent at the house here.  I've always been away.  But there's too much to be done to go for 2 solid weeks.  And 1 will be a nice change.
Look at that.  The vacation starts, and I'm already more positive.  Go figure.

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