A Hazy Shade of Summer

I know that this is a good vacation. How am I so sure? I am relaxed enough to contemplate more decorating.
My mom and I painted the master bedroom here last week, and it looks, in a word, awesome. For those wondering about pics, I keep meaning to take them and post...honest. But I would need to make my bed and that doesn't happen much.
I love dreaming about decorating in a way that I have never explained to J with good reason. He would probably be scared. But seeing as I'm planning to drag him to the fabric store this evening and explain to him why we're getting specific fabrics so that I can make curtains this weekend for a bathroom that we've vaguely talked about painting I'm thinking that that's about to change.
So I went to the library this morning to get more books about San Diego and work on planning the trip when I ended up with 5 books of curtains and valences. I'd say we're close to a metamorphosis of the bath...All I need to do is pick a colour. And that could be pink. Or green. See how close I am?
In Other News: I was watching The Price is Right yesterday while contemplating lunch (don't mock me, I'm on vacation) and I don't get what's happened to Drew Carey's hair. He rocks the brush cut in ways few over 10 can. What's up with length???

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