Marketing and Shopping

You know who I think has brilliant marketing strategists? The people over at Pizza Pizza. J and I took my parents to the Blue Jays ball game last Sunday. They were having a Pizza Pizza strikeout game. Essentially, every time the Jays pitchers get a strikeout they cover up another number in the Pizza Pizza number on the ribbon boards in the stadium. When you get 7 strikeouts, everyone who has a ticket can go to Pizza Pizza on Monday for a free slice. As soon as there are 6 strikeouts the entire crowd starts chanting, "Pizza, pizza, pizza, pizza..." on every batter who gets an anything and 2 count.
I totally enjoyed my slice last Monday. Thanks Doc.
Today I'm shopping. I have made a huge list and hope I can get it all accomplished. I'd rather not end up at the store again this week.

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