Summertime, and the Living is Easy

Or at least, it is for me.
I've been loving my time off of school and have been sleeping a lot. It's all good. At some point I had to catch up from the school year when I don't sleep quite enough. J's also working a lot which means I can spend time alone in the silence. I love this too, simply because I spend too much time with people.
In currently exciting news, I bought a new Seagull guitar. If you would like to know more about this wonderful company, and their lovely instruments you can look here. I would highly recommend them. I'm loving that I have time to practice and I feel like I might actually be getting somewhere. Now that I've purchased a more expensive instrument, it appears that I will be taking lessons for a few more years. This is not a bad thing. Guitar is one of the things that I'm totally enjoying because it's not work, and it's just for me.
Totally Unrelated Aside (a la Kapgar): So apparantly the web is "all a-Twitter" about Katie Holmes "performance" on So You Think You Can Dance. I've got to head for the It Sucked camp, but not because Katie's dancing was suspect on a show that is all about great dancing. It's that I think that the way they promo'ed the show was cheap - if she couldn't be there, they should have found someone else; and if you're going to bring back the talent from previous seasons, why don't you use them? I still love SYTYCD, but they need to think.

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