First Week In, No Progress

I spent the weekend baking and cooking. It was fantastic.

J and I went to the market Saturday morning, and we bought yummy things that he thought were more expensive than things at the grocery store (um, no...) and then I started baking. I made jam filled vanilla cupcakes from Everyday Food and raspberry struesel muffins from All Yum.

I have not made anything since. Sigh.

This afternoon, I am headed back to the grocery store and have grand plans for this week, so we'll see.

I have been busy choosing a front door colour, though. I'm hoping to have a couple of swatches up soon for judging which colour it should be, if it ever dries out a bit. As happy as I am about the cooler temps, it's just too humid to be thinking about painting anything of consequence at the moment.

Much like my cooking. Anything of consequence is falling by the wayside. I have muffins to eat.

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