The Summer 15

As I lay on the couch this afternoon, willing myself to have the energy to make brownies before going for a pedicure, I made the mistake of phoning my ever loving, working husband. (Note to self: at least sit up before you call him, making it appear like you might be productive. Or don't call on a Friday. It's his eeeevil day.) I informed him that I was working up the ambition to make brownies, and he wanted to know why I didn't have the ambition to empty the living room of the boxes that are still piled there more than a year after we moved. Sadly, I know that we still use a good portion of what's in those boxes because we root through them, find what we want, and get on with our days. I am guilty of even returning some of these items to the living room boxes so as not to have to figure out where said items should go. Ahem.

In the spirit of that conversation and the subsequent one I had with my over achiever of a mother that I'm not even going to dignify with a synopsis, I give you the "Sarah has GOALS for this Summer, and is Ambitious Enough to Achieve Them", or the list.

  1. Hang the garden hose mount on the side of the house and break down the large cardboard box it came in that is currently on my living room floor and has been there since April with the cordless drill that has been charging since late May.
  2. Work on scrapbooking my wedding. It's been 3 years, people.
  3. Purchase and install a new low-flow toilet in the powder room on the main floor. It's all about government rebates!
  4. Repaint the side door off the garage.
  5. Replace the light fixture on the patio.
  6. Repaint the front door some spectacular shade that J will question the wisdom of, and then learn to grudgingly agree with.
  7. Call the siding guy and see how much 2 more pairs of shutters would cost, including installation. I don't want to paint them, and I would like them all to match.
  8. Deal with the boxes on the living room floor.
  9. Buy a great carpet for the living room.
  10. Practice the guitar.
  11. Investigate the cost of a new air conditioner for the house, and see if we should really do the furnace simultaneously. I'm hoping not. The A/C won't get done if we need both.
  12. Cook at home 5 days a week, and try some of the recipes that seem to be stacking up everywhere. I should not spend time on
  13. Deal with the probably very nasty upstairs bathroom drain. The previous owners were apparantly very hairy, as evidenced by our shower drain when I cleaned it out. I'm not sure J and I have helped the situation. But the sink is running slow again and I've been avoiding. We should go into the fall with things under control.
  14. Go swimming, or do something. I have been looking at the Summer Activity guide and have come to the conclusion that I should be doing something. Swimming has always appealed, and it's not that much.
  15. Read. I would love to actually try the Twilight series and know what my intermediates might be reading. I also have a large quantity of professional reading that I need to complete for my job.

So there's 15 things that I'd like to/need to do this summer. How successful will I be? That's anyone's guess.


Lauren said...

The Twilight books are nothing if not perfect summer reading, in that they are light and fluffy and highly entertaining in a way that real literature often isn't. This is all assuming you can get past the creepy, controlling, and occasionally abusive overtones the story has, which I was able to do at the time but have since been unable to let go of because, as delightfully brain-candy-like as the books are, it honestly scares the everloving crap out of me that there is a whole generation of 12-year-old girls who aspire to this sort of thing as the pinnacle of romantic love.

On an unrelated note, you will feel so great once you finally tackle that living room!

suze said...

I enjoyed the first three Twilight books as simple brain candy but with a story that makes it a good ride. Avoid the 4th book - by far the worst, and made me hate the whole series with a passion. It's as if the characters are completely new and strange people and a different writer wrote it. I also had trouble with some of the controlling undertones of the series, and the idea that Bella had to change essentially who she was to be with Edward, and the undercurrent of abstenence until marriage and anti-abortion at all costs (who cares if the mother has to die...) *breathe*
so yeah, it didn't jive with my values, but the first three books were a decent brain-candy read.

We also installed a low-flow toilet this summer. And by we, I mean Mike. ;)