So Many Recipes, So Little Time

I am once again in the throes of caffeine withdrawal. I say "once again" because I do this at least once a year when I stop work and therefore stop driving past 20 Timmy's on my way to work. To go with that, I had a principal this year who bought me a coffee every day. Yeah, once again I've gone cold turkey due to the fact that: a) I don't like instant coffee, which is cheap; and b) I like the concept of actually consuming less caffeine, even though during the working days I feel a whole lot more with it when drinking my coffee.

I have suffered with the low-level headaches (usually they're pounding monsters but this time it's been the headache that wouldn't leave) and the inevitable sleepiness that comes from lack of stimulant. This combined with the fact that I'm so tired when school ends that I can hardly move means that I have been lying around this week being pathetic. Which, as we all know, is Sanskrit for "really cool way to live". Added to this is lower back spasms. Seeeing as there's been nothing in the past few days that should have made these happen (despite my husband's assertions that I "slept wrong"), I'm thinking that they're making up for the lack of headache.

One thing that lying on the couch with the TV on and Facebook running has afforded me is a chance to leaf through my scary number of food magazines and make a list of all the things I'd like to try cooking this summer. It's a formidable list. I also seem to like an inordinate number of heavy things that are more suited to Wintertime, when I have no time. But sloppy joes are good year-round, and I like soup.

One of my goals this summer is to spend more time in the kitchen. I'd like to say that I will make dinner 5 nights per week. Honestly, I'd like to say 7 nights, but I'm being realistic. J and I eat out a lot when I'm working and in a bad week, we'll eat out 6 nights. I'm not thinking that we'll want to give it up completely, nor will I want to.

J's mom had a rule when she was alive that she cooked Monday to Friday and took weekends off. I kinda like that philosophy. Except I'm happy to cook weekends most of the time.

So I'm starting to draw up plans of what I'd like to make, and I've been rooting through the freezer for what needs to be used up. It's kind of fun to be making these kinds of plans. As soon as I manage to find a cake for the BBQ we're going to this weekend, it will be even better. Sigh...

To this end, I've been thinking of what I'd like to accomplish this summer. A week of lollygagging is probably enough. I mean, it's never enough, but it should be. I'm thinking the next post is what I'd like to accomplish this summer as an accountability measure. One part will be the cooking but there's some other things I need to get done too. So, tomorrow?


Lauren said...

If you're still looking for a cake recipe, I can attest to the fact that this one is so good it will ruin you for all future cakes:

Lauren said...

D'oh! Here is the original recipe with a chocolate ganache layer on top. I went this route, rather than the chopped peanut butter cups in the link above, and it tasted really great in spite of the fact that the ganache oozed sort of clumpily rather than drizzled elegantly. I think maybe my cake was too cold.