On Cooking, Accountability, and Being Forgotten

You know what magazine I love?  Despite the fact that it is a 40 page advertisement that shows up quarterly?  The Kraft Canada What's Cooking magazine.  I positively salivate when I know that it will soon be arriving, and I will have another 40 pages of not-so-good-for-you-but-oh-so-delicious-and-freaking-simple recipes will soon be showing up in my mailbox.  Besides, when I'm trying to cook at home more, Kraft makes this waaaaay easier.
To go with this, I have been spending the last few months uploading pictures of my dinner to Facebook.  When I make something new, and to prove that I'm eating at home, I take a picture or 2 of dinner and upload it so that my friend Scott knows that I have cooked again that day.  After giving me a hard time for going to the grocery store and then eating dinner out, I started posting pictures to make a point that we do eat at home.  Now, it's as much for me as for anyone else.  Accountability that makes me giggle is always effective.  So, if you're my friend on Facebook, you often know when I've made something new...but I've been a little lax recently.  I don't think I got the burritos last week...or the asparagus and snap pea stir fry earlier this week.
I subscribed to Martha Stewart's Everyday Food for 5 years, and I make a ton of stuff out of those too, but when I want something quick, tasty, and disgustingly simple, Kraft wins, hands down. Case in point:  tonight's dinner.  I made a crockpot lasagne that took me maybe 20 minutes to throw together, the longest part of it being the browning of the ground beef.  Likewise, when I don't know what to make, the Kraft Mexican Bake Thing is an easy go to recipe.  "Bake Thing" not being the actual name, but the name by which it is known here on the mountain.  It's the only reason I keep a case of Kraft Dinner in the house.
So as I have been getting ready for hosting a wedding shower in June, I started looking for fun, easy desserts in my back issues of What's Cooking.  It was then that I realized that I hadn't received an issue since the Holiday '10 issue with the Toblerone Cheesecake on the cover.
I started searching the Kraft Canada website - had the decided to get rid of my favourite advertisement?  Apparently not, seeing as I could see the cover of the Spring '11 issue, and flip through the digital issue.  In poking around, I discovered that Kraft is "not taking new subscriptions at this time."  But where was my issue???
I was home today, with a Dr.'s appointment smack dab in the middle of the day (I'm fine - just in case you wanted to know, and no, I'm not pregnant) so I decided to phone Kraft and ask politely where my magazine is.
Ready for this?  I was removed from the mailing list for a reason no one can explain.  Um, what?   But it's one of the few things I enjoy receiving in the mail!  So the girl went to see what she could do.  Happily, she readded me to the list.  But I might miss 2 issues...which she's going to make sure get sent to me. 
I'm so happy!  Having stopped my subscription to Everyday Food, this is really my only new source of recipes.  As I cross things off my list (the goal is always to make at least 3 new recipes out of each magazine.  I make a list that is constantly updated so that I know what I want to make.), it's nice to know that there will be magazines and recipes to crowd out the other favourites in my repertoire.
It's the little things, really.

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