What I Want to Be When I Grow Up

Osteopathy had made me realize something.  I didn't think particularly hard when I decided to become a teacher.  I mean, a music degree in education really qualifies you for little to nothing else, but I'm not sure I truly thought this through. 
There are a lot of cool jobs out there.  Perhaps it's the time of year, or that I'm just *really* tired, but I'm wondering why I didn't consider "gold digger" or "slot jockey" as a viable career option.  Perhaps it's the fact that my husband is unemployed and unable to collect benefits because he's an immigrant that makes me think that he's considering new options and so should I.
It's been a hard couple of weeks at school.  It's that time of year when kids brains turn to thoughts of summer and they become stupid.  Suspensions rise, productivity decreases, and my office becomes a hopping place.  I feel like I've been going non-stop for the past little bit, and we still have 2 months left.  Don't get me wrong.  I do love my job.  It's challenging and always changing, and I get to work with some great kids.  I just sometimes think that there should be more than what I'm doing.
Recently, I've been wondering what I could do from home.  I would love to do something creative.  I would like to do something that allows me to direct my time a little more.  I would like to do something that doesn't make me think, "REALLY?  I went to university and beyond so that I could reason with a defiant and mentally ill child/ explain to a parent why they should call the police over what happened last evening after school and off school property/ convince a staff member why they can't say that over the PA in front of their class."
I actually said to a staff member when she asked me what I wanted to do today "get in my car and go home."  And I meant it.  It's not a good scene.
J and I are working on what he's going to do next, and how I fit into it.  For now, I'll be staying where I am.  But I may be dreaming of becoming the next Etsy mogul.

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LMW said...

I've been having similar thoughts about my career. In one hand, I'd love to move up in my career and look at the possibilities within the profession, in the other hand I am almost ready to do something completely different - neither option is practical with three tiny kids at home - but the thought is still there.

Anyway, thinking of you guys as you work it out!