While it Smacks of Sham...

So I've been going to an osteopath.  It makes me question why I chose my current career path.  Let me explain.
Back in the winter, around the same time that my blood pressure went all wonky, I realized that I was walking around the school with no neck.  Literally, my shoulders were up around my ears and I was walking like Lurch.  It was so wrong.  I spent time visualizing length in my spine and consciously lowering my shoulders; and complaining to the kindergarten teacher about how I felt.  She suggested that I make an appointment with her osteopath, who is part way between work and my house.
"Just go with it,"  she said.  "There's something about it that just makes you wonder."
So at the beginning of February I made an appointment.  Essentially, I went, laid on a table fully clothed, and closed my eyes as the osteo took the temperature of my feet before working her way up and down me with a pressure that wasn't as deep as a massage. When she was done, she said in a calm, soothing voice, "I'll leave you for a few minutes to let the patterns settle."  Um...okay...this is when I began to wonder about what I'd really gotten myself into.

I went back to work and talked to the kindergarten teacher again about how I wasn't really sure about what had happened, and how I felt better (maybe), but wasn't really sure.
"Just go with it," she said.  "It makes no sense, but keep trying."

So I went back in March.  And wondered why I was there.
In April, I went to my next appointment.  I'd been suffering with congestion and mysterious bug bites on my legs (which have since been diagnosed as a minor case of shingles).  I told her about the bites, but didn't mention my nightly congestion.  It didn't occur to me that it was at all important.
I laid down on the table, closed my eyes, and let her go to work.  She spent a lot of time working my outer thighs.  At the end of the session, after the patterns had settled, the osteo said to me, "You're really congested!  I could feel it in your system."  I explained that yes, I was, and that I usually stuffed up in the evening and then didn't sleep well because of the snoring.  She said, "I spent a lot of time releasing your sinuses.  See how you do this evening."
Releasing my sinuses?  Riiight.  Yet, that was the first night that I didn't stuff up and sleep poorly in weeks.
I'm going back in May.


Lauren said...

I started seeing an osteopath on the recommendation of a physiotherapist (I have scoliosis and she thought that my hips/back would create a problem during pregnancy) and I was totally blown away by how effective the treatments were, and by how knowledgeable the osteopath was. I think there are a lot of benefits to looking at the human body as a bunch of connected pieces, since things do seem to be more related than they seem to be.

It does sound kind of sham-like, but osteopaths have to do a ton of schooling and my understanding is the certification process is fairly intensive. My guy is also an RMT with a degree in kinesiology, so it's good to know I'm in good hands (literally).

Sizzle said...

Reminds me of my first visit to an acupuncturist. I was skeptical but then I kept seeing results. I'm a convert!