Of Garage Sales, Cupboards and the Boob Tube

Friends, there is a great deal happening here. I wish it were cooler, or that I didn't sweat. Despite the fact that I am a girl, I do not glisten, I do not glow, I sweat. My glasses slipping down my nose, red face and all that fun stuff. I hate humidity and summer weather. My fingers have also swollen, so I'm not even wearing my rings at the moment. It's very sad. I've been up on a step stool cleaning out the tops of my cupboards looking for things for my friend Andrea's garage sale. With all of the new gifts coming in, I'm making space. As well, with J's (limited) amount of stuff, I apparantly need to make room for it too. Currently, there are 3 boxes in my trunk; and I'm not done. the new kitchen dishes are still in boxes on the dining room floor, and I'm sure there's more lurking in a dark corner of the house that I just haven't uncovered yet. I was in the linen closet this morning looking for a new box of kleenex and was amazed by the fact that despite giving my mother all of the twin sized sheets and blankets that I had for a charity project in my hometown, there is really no space for the new sheets and towels J and I have received. Anyone want some (slightly) used pink towels? My mom got them as wedding gifts. They're only 36 years old next week. She gave them to me when I left for university 15 years ago so that she could go out and purchase new towels. Despite the fact that my bathroom is brown and green, and that J wanted blue towels, I have decided that the pink towels that have nothing wrong with them are leaving my house. Takers? Anyone? Bueller? Andrea is holding the sale and donating the money to a friend of hers who is going on a mission trip. I consider this a great cause that gets the excess out of my house and used again. What's even better: I don't need to hold the garage sale. The problem is, it's Andrea's sale. So far it has changed date twice. I was watching mindless TV last night as J worked on his resume and other necessities for him for job hunting when Andrea called again. A short transcript of the call: Me: Hello? Andrea: Sarah? I'm just calling about the garage sale. It's moving dates again. Is that a problem? M: Nope. When do you want my stuff? A: Well, the new date is Saturday. But I'm busy most of Friday. Could you get things to me by Thursday? M (sounding normal, despite my mental hyperventilation) : Sure. That shouldn't be a problem. A: Great. How about Thursday morning? Just call me when you're ready. Yeah. I had barely started the first box. Suddenly, it must be all out of my house by Thursday. I have a lot to do. Television has become very interesting. Speaking of television, while I love my American husband, I fail to see the allure of college football. He had me call the satellite company yesterday to see if we could get ESPN college ticket so that he can spend all day Saturday this fall watching Big 10 games. Well, the weeks that we aren't at the Big House ourselves. Yeah, it's not going to happen. Apparantly, the Canadian satellite company doesn't think there's enough people here interested to offer the service. We did upgrade our package, tho. J gets the sports channels (which I never saw a point to), and I have discovered the joys of GSN, the Game Show Network. I love Match Game. and Lingo. And Card Sharks. And Press Your Luck. It's a good thing school starts in a month. Otherwise, I should start looking for bonbons and maribou slippers.

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